Fall detection issues

Fall detection

Libris is equipped with on-board sensors for free-fall and 3-dimensional space analysis using proprietary algorithms. In addition, falls are analyzed and identified using cloud-based proprietary algorithms and class libraries. More information may be found in the What is Fall Detection? article.

Fall detection capability can be turned on or off for a realm or device. Please confirm that fall detection is on prior to contacting Numera support for fall detection issues.

Libris provides the most advanced fall detection in the industry. However, no device can predict every fall scenario and detect every fall.

After reviewing the following, if a fall has been missed and there is no ready explanation (such as poor cell coverage or a dead device), please Contact Support.

If Libris has missed a fall, please determine:

  1. How Libris was being worn on the body
  2. The exact date and time of the fall
  3. What the user was doing at the time of the fall, for example, washing hands or climbing stairs?
  4. How the user fell – for example, was it a fall from a standing position or sitting position, to the ground or another surface?

Libris works best when worn on the belt (with the belt clip) or lanyard hanging against the chest and not swinging freely.

If Libris falls off the body during a fall, it will be unable to detect the movement of the user. In this scenario, it is not likely that Libris will detect a fall.

Delayed calls

Depending on the way the monitoring service is setup and how the fall occurred, the monitoring service may receive a fall notification in their software up to a minute before receiving a call from Libris. This is considered normal operation and should be covered during setup of Numera service.

If the fall occurs in an area with low cellular coverage, it will attempt to place a phone call to the monitoring service first and the fall notification may not be received in the monitoring service software until Libris reaches an area with better cellular coverage. Libris is designed to attempt to place a voice call even if data cannot be transmitted.

If the fall occurs in an area with no cellular coverage, Libris may not be able to place a call or provide any data to the monitoring center. However, Libris will transmit the event to the monitoring service when it reaches an area with better coverage.

There is more about cellular coverage in our cellular coverage issues article.

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