Libris integrations

We provide several methods for integrating with and interacting with the platform, allowing your organization to start quickly by using our provided applications while you plan and implement a tighter integration using our APIs for the future. Below we cover some of the more common scenarios, but it is really up to your organization to determine which pieces of our platform make the most sense for you to use.

Fully Numera-hosted Solution (swivel chair)

When starting out, some organizations choose to use the Numera provided web applications to manage their devices, provision them, and handle inbound calls in the call center. This requires no integration help from your IT department and allows you to evaluate and start deploying Libris devices as quickly as possible.

The only integration that may come into play with this approach is related to the authentication method used for your call-center agents. You can either create accounts for each agent in our platform, or use a shared account for all your agents. Some organizations may have a single-sign-on (SSO) platform in place, at which point we can integrate with your authentication platform so that your agents will not have to sign in separately to our platform. We refer to our security platform as Numera Identity Services (NIS) and this is the component you would integrate with.

Hybrid model

In the hybrid approach, customers typically either use our web based Numera Dealer portal or interface with our APIs to handle all the device management and provisioning, while implementing an event receiver to receive all the events. For active call handling, they use our active-call-page for their agents to handle the alarm. This is typically handled by a URL being transmitted to the event receiver as part of the event for the call, or using a masked URL in your call center application that tells our platform which call you would like to answer.

With this approach you still have to decide how you want your call-center agents to authenticate with our platform. We standardly offer token authentication which does not require the agent to log-in using a username and password.  Of course, integrating with NIS using SSO is still a viable option.

Fully integrated Solution

For customers with more development oriented capabilities, you can re-create all of the features offered by our web platform and active call pages by using our APIs to create your own custom solution. Our server-server APIs offer all of the features of our platform, while our client-server APIs allow you to quickly develop web based solutions without having to worry about the server-server interactions. We can supply you with a completely functioning active call page using our API that you can use as a starting point for your own development.

This option provides you with the most complete implementation but requires more effort on your part to complete.

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