Libris Evaluation and Demonstration devices

Do you need a demonstration device (or 5) or an evaluation device?

Libris evaluation units (Evals) may be provided free of charge to potential customers as a means to try out the Libris device and corresponding functionality or service. Eval units are only free of charge for 90 days from delivery; then must be converted to a billable unit or returned. Contact your Nortek Sales Representative for more details.

Libris demonstration units (Demos) may be ordered at a reduced price in limited quantities by current (with a Nortek account) customers as a sales demonstration or other marketing device in order to improve sales or use in an administrative capacity. Contact Nortek Customer Service as below or your Nortek Sales Rep for more details, or order through the dealer portal.

Customer Service




Jennifer Alcantara

(6:30 am-3:00pm PST)

Mayra Cervantes

(7:30 am-4:00 pm PST)

800.421.1587 x 7158

760-438-7158 direct

800.421.1587 x 7156

760-438-7156 direct

Dedicated Customer Service Representatives

Alternatively, Contact Support, provide with the relevant details (below) and we'll get right back you.

Please include with your request:

  • Your name
  • Your company's name
  • Address and phone number for the devices
  • Email for followup
  • Date needed
  • Qty Demo or Eval devices
  • Color preference (white or grey)
  • For eval devices:
    • Fall detection enabled?
    • Do you need access to view the devices? Account owner's name, email and generic password?
    • Additional comments or requests

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