What do the lights and audio prompts mean?

During Activation and Setup:

If the call button lights are…

Audio played is…

The event is…

DISCO lights, ending with a solid BLUE

Start-up Music will play

Libris is placed in the charger for the first time

DISCO lights, continuous

Start-up Music may play

Libris was unable to complete the software download and is cannot connect to the platform.

Solid GREEN ,then DISCO lights

‘Activation is now complete. We are resetting your personal mobile responder…’

Software download to Libris is complete

Indicator lights at the top of Libris and around the call button illuminate with current cellular and battery status

‘This personal mobile responder will notify your monitoring service when detects a fall…’

Libris introduction; reboot is complete

Pulsing BLUE

‘We are activating your personal mobile responder….’

Libris is preparing for a software download

Pulsing BLUE

‘It’s time to meet your monitoring service. Please press and hold down the call button to connect to your monitoring service now…’

Prompt to press the call button


‘Your personal monitoring service now.’

Software has been downloaded; device is functional

Pulsing RED

‘Your personal mobile responder has experienced an activation failure. Please call your monitoring service…’

Libris can’t access the mobile network and is therefore unable to download software

Pulsing RED

‘Activation in process. Please place your personal mobile responder in the charger…’

Libris activation has been interrupted; return device to charger

Solid RED

‘Ending your call now’

The call with the monitoring service is ending


After Activation:

If the indicator button lights are…

Audio played is…

The event is…

RED indicator light at the top of Libris

No audio played

Cellular signal is low or none

AMBER indicator light at top of Libris

No audio played

Cellular signal is moderate

GREEN indicator light at top of Libris

No audio played

Cellular signal is good


If the call button lights are…

Audio played is…

The event is…

Not on

No audio

Libris is in sleep mode on the charger


No audio played

Libris battery low, place in charger soon

Solid RED

‘Charge is below 52% battery life’

Libris battery charge is critically low, charge very soon

Pulsing RED

‘Your personal mobile responder is powering off. Please confirm by pressing and holding down…’ ‘Powering off now, Goodbye’

Warning Libris is powering off or that power-off is nearly complete

Solid BLUE

‘A fall is detected’

Libris detected a fall

…followed by alternating GREEN and BLUE

‘Calling your monitoring service now. Please hold Libris and position the…’


‘No cellular coverage. Your personal responder cannot contact your monitoring service but will continue to attempt a call…’

Libris detected a fall and is automatically calling the monitoring service


Libris detected a fall but is beyond cellular range. Libris cannot contact the monitoring service but will keep attempting to call.

Alternates BLUE and GREEN

‘Calling your monitoring service now’


‘Calling your monitoring service now. Please hold Libris and position the microphone near your mouth…’


‘Your monitoring service is initiating a call. They will be with you in a moment.’

Libris is making an automatic call (dialing)


Libris is making a call due to a button push (dialing)



The monitoring service is requesting Libris call them (dialing)

…followed by solid GREEN

[monitoring service operator]


‘A call has been placed manually, Libris is trying to establish a connection with the monitoring service but it is beyond cellular range.’



No cellular coverage. The device cannot contact your monitoring service, please move into cellular range and press the call button again.

Flashes BLUE once, RED once, then current battery and cellular strength indicator lights

‘Ending your call now’

The call is ending


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