What happens to Libris when it is placed in the Charger?

The following Libris behavior may be turned off for your integration - if you are unsure of the applicability, please refer to your call center manager before contacting support using the button at the bottom of the page.

Libris does have a "charger mode" that will allow Libris to enter if placed on the charging Charger. Charger mode allows the radio signals to temporarily power down to allow for faster charging.

When Libris is in the Charger, both lights will be steady when the radios are on, and only the battery light will be steady if the radios are off. In other words, anytime the radios are off, the cellular signal strength indicator (led) is turned off.

Anytime Libris is placed in the Charger, it will initiate a 15 minute interval timer (radios off delay) at which point, if Libris is still in the Charger, it will turn the radios off.

When the radios are off, while Libris is in the Charger, Libris won't process requests such as CallNow and LocateNow, until the radios are turned on again (after the 1 hour cycle expires or when the user pulls Libris from the Charger).

After the radios are off, Libris will initiate a 60 minute interval timer (radios off interval) at which point Libris will turn the radios back on.

After the radios are on, Libris will connect with the Libris Platform to send any events it has in its queue and to process any instructions it has in its mailbox. This can take anywhere from 2 to 17 minutes.

Once that work is completed, and Libris is still in the charger, it will turn the radios off and go through the cycle again.

When Libris is taken out of the Charger, if the radios are off, they are immediately turned on. The cellular signal strength indicator will be solid for a cycle after which it goes back to the regular flashing mode (typically every 30 seconds).

When Libris is in the Charger and the Libris button is pressed, if the radios are off, they are immediately turned on. When the call is over, the radios are turned off and Libris goes through the cycle again.

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