Will the Libris coverage be improved if there is a micro cell utilized or a signal booster in place?

Microcells or signal boosters can be useful for users in poor coverage areas. Libris is a 4G LTE device.

We have used AT&T's microcells in the past and you can find more information about those here: http://www.att.com/att/microcell/. However, you will need a separate AT&T account (phone) to set up the AT&T microcell - your Libris is on an enterprise account and is not enough in itself to setup the AT&T microcell, although it may be added to the AT&T microcell after setup. Please use the Contact Support button below if AT&T is not assisting you with setup Libris with an active microcell.

If you don't have a separate AT&T account, an antennae (non-account) based cell booster may work best. There are many models out there, including the weBoost Connect 3G Directional Signal Booster, available from multiple resellers including http://www.signalboosters.com/. Please read the specifications before purchasing any booster to make sure you meet the minimum requirements, such as space needed for the antennae (can be as long as 100 ft).

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