Activation and Set Up

Step 1: Activate Libris

  1. Remove the from the plastic mobile charger.
  2. Insert the pins into the back of the cradle – make sure it is seated firmly.
  3. Insert the USB cord into the power block, and then insert the power block into a standard wall outlet.
  4. Place Libris into the Charger. 
  5. Libris will automatically turn on when placed in the Charger
  6. Libris will flash “disco colored lights” and chime while looking for network. 
  7. Upon finding network, Libris will play audio “We are activating your personal mobile responder. We will notify you when activation is complete”.
  8. Libris will begin to download software. NOTE: device will go dark – no LEDs – for a couple of minutes.
  9. Upon successful download, Libris will flash Green/Blue LED lights.
  10. Libris will then play a message: "This personal mobile responder will notify your response team when it detects a fall. With one touch of the call button your response team will be available to assist you and will pinpoint your location so help can reach you."
  11. Libris will then ask the User to press the button.

Step 2: Call to Complete Set Up

  1. To register your personal mobile responder with your response team, Libris will say: "It's time to meet your response team. Please press and hold the Call Button down to connect to your response team now."
  2. With Libris in the Charger, press and hold the Call Button until Libris initiates the call. Libris can remain in the Charger during the call to your response team.
  3. Listen for the audio message: "Calling your response team now."
  4. When you complete the call with your response team, Libris will be set up.

Important: Libris is not ready for use until you have completed the set up call with your response team and, following that call, have charged Libris in the Charger for 4 hours.

Note: If Libris does not power on and begin the activation process or cannot detect a cellular network, call your response team.

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