Cellular coverage issues

Low coverage warning

Libris is setup only to warn you if cell coverage is not good enough to place a call when you press the button. In our experience, having the device warn you every time you lose coverage only annoys you, because cell coverage is not ubiquitous and you move in and out of cell coverage all the time.

Placing a call in low coverage

Libris is designed to do what it can to place a call in low coverage. If you press the button or fall, Libris will attempt to send voice and data to the monitoring center. If Libris can't send data, it will try to send voice. If Libris can't send voice, and you've pressed the call button, it will announce there is no coverage and wait for you to try again. If Libris can't send voice and you've fallen, Libris will continue to try to make a call until it is successful or until you cancel the call or place it on the charger.

Check cellular coverage

In the event Libris can't make a cellular connection (usually due to no cellular coverage) the monitoring center may not be able to view live location, live orientation of Libris, or the live sensor feed.

During a call, you can look on the Call Screen in the left-hand upper corner under the Event Summary section and it will show the current coverage data of the Libris/end user you are speaking with.

You may also visit the Network Provider's Coverage Viewer website to see if the device has coverage. When using the coverage viewer, make sure to select 4G LTE.

Note that major metro areas are generally covered; it is usually the suburban and remote areas that need a deeper analysis. 

Libris cellular roaming

Libris does allow for roaming. However in a roaming state, you may encounter limited device capabilities while in this condition. Because we know there are limitations when roaming, we cannot guarantee full functionality when roaming on other networks. For example, you may get voice & not data coverage, or data and not voice and the network location abilities may not work.

Additionally, we have seen a few scenarios where a roaming Libris device will not reflect the correct Caller ID of the user because the network provider is not able to resolve it when coming across a different network. 

Network Band Switching Issues

If a Libris is primarily located where there is overlapping 4G and 3G service and poor coverage, it may begin to switch frequency bands between 4G and 3G regularly. This may cause the Libris to power off immediately even on a full charge.

If you encounter the following, it may be caused by band switching.

  • Libris is powered off or has no lights during use, when Libris should have enough battery life.
  • Libris powered on when placed in the Charger when the user thought Libris was already powered on.
  • Libris is rebooting often when in the charging Charger.
  • The cellular indicator is red.

Numera recommends you don't place a cellular MPERS device with a user that does not have regular, good cellular coverage. If you have further questions, please Contact Support.

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