Return a Libris

Please refer to your purchase agreement with Numera for any specific costs or details associated with in-warranty and out-of-warranty returns.

Warranty returns

If Libris are being returned due to them being deemed defective or malfunctioning within the warranty period, please Contact Support as soon as possible with the following details:

  • The Libris IMEI for each device being returned
  • A description of the issue or reason for return for each device

The Numera support team may try further troubleshooting before initiating the return process

If the issue cannot be resolved and Libris is deemed defective, the support team will provide you with a Tech Ticket# to submit/email to our Returns Team. Once the warranty status is verified, a Return Authorization (RA) will be issued and instructions on where to send the device(s) will be provided by the returns department.

Please be sure to include the RMA number on the outer package when returning.

Once Numera receives the RMA, we will confirm that the devices are defective. If Libris is deemed defective by Numera, a replacement device will be provided to you at our cost. Otherwise, we will ship the same device back to you at your cost. 

Return of Unopened Libris

Numera does not accept back any unused devices for refunds. The RMA process is for returning defective equipment.

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